01. 07. 2018

soon The opening of the "Amnesia" project in the Triptych Art Gallery

soon The opening of the "Amnesia" project in the Triptych Art Gallery

On July 4, 18 00, the official opening of the new personal project "Amnesia" will be held in the gallery Triptych Art. Most works will be presented for the first time in the exhibition space. Large-format works are executed on CARDBOARDS in experimental mixed technique. The project is the result of a study of the connections between collective and individual memory.

Teaser / work in progress:


β€œThe replacement or deformation of facts, the summing up of events to mystical archetypes, the formation of one-dimensional symbols of values – these are the natural processes that occur with us throug life.
Childhood amnesia is a mental disillusion, the space of which is filled with images and events that never happened. Man is not able to distinguish the truth from his own invention in his early years. Nevertheless, these first "memories" as basic symbols accompany a person throughout life and become the key in the process of self-identification.
Drafts in memory are always filled. At the place of our impoverished intellectual and cultural heritage, a vacuum was created in the collective consciousness. It was quickly and forcibly filled with false judgments, one-dimensional concepts that are simply assimilated. Collective memory determines the existential situation of a particular individual and society as a whole. Successfully implemented errors will continue to distort the vector of its development.
Young consciousness is incapable of distinguishing one's and another's ... β€œ

The exhibition can be visited 04 / 07 / 2018 – 17 / 07 / 2018
Kyiv, Desiatynna. st 13 / Triptych Art Gallery

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